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In the last three years, Cynthia Bravo has successfully produced over 20 independent projects ranging from award winning feature films, short films, corporate videos to award winning commercials. Previous films include the award winning feature film “The Last Night Inn” directed by John Heath; the associate production of the award winning feature film "The Broken Legacy” by Miguel Garzon, the award winning feature film “Actor for Hire” by Marcus Mizelle,“Blue Line” starring Tom Sizemore and “Schol’s Out” by Jared Cohn.
Cynthia Bravo is also the founder of Glix for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization that provides free guidance and resources to upcoming filmmakers. 

Mikey, A recent graduate with a MFA in Filmmaking, loves everything about movies and storytelling. Nothing makes him happier than telling a story to someone and watch their faces light up. To him there’s noting more important than a story that is believable yet entertaining. Horror films are no different; in fact the belief of a story that actually could happen is more terrifying than a horror film designed to just scare people. Mikey has worked on numerous short films as writer/director ranging from a drag queen- zombie comedy, drama, horror, and dark musicals. 

Award winner Cinematographer with a key eye for framing, lighting, camera movement and aesthetics.
Gonzalo’s portfolio includes feature film When the Wolf Calls (2014); feature film The Broken Legacy (2014); feature film The Last Night Inn (2014); 16 episodes of the popular TV show Brother's in Law [KZ], and over 30 short films, commercials, music videos and corporate videos.
Before becoming a Cinematographer, Gonzalo Digenio worked as an editor and colorist, which allowed for a better understanding of imagery, story telling, shot design, and creative visuals.
Gonzalo has vast experience in both digital and film, including including Fuji and Kodak’s16 mm and 35 mm; Canon C300, Alexa plus, Red One, Epic and Scarlet, among many others. 


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